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Ethical SEO Service for Connecticut ...
... and the World
We don't try and cheat the system,
we play it by the rules.

There is no real secret to providing, or creating, ethical optimization techniques on a website. Simply follow the rules and create a website that will grow and become a valuable resource. More important than anything else is making your site into the authority on your subject. Create this and they will come! If you click the link here for SEO testimonials you will see that I have made some clients very happy.

If you want to be in close proximity to your SEO provider, and live in New England or the Greater New York area, then Ethical SEO Service of CT is local to you, in the Greater New Haven area. Of course we can and do optimize for anyone anywhere, with a preference for the USA!

Optimization of Your Site Will Cover All SEO Techniques Such as These Items

Coding Updates
Code Attributes
Keyword Density Analysis
Content Analysis
Keyword Research
Press Releases
Search Marketing Analysis
Article Marketing
Ethical SEO Analysis
Social Network Marketing
and much, much more
  • SEO Training Course
    Do you have a staff that is HTML savvy,or perhaps you are? Then our SEO Training Course may be the perfect option for you. Learn it now and take it with you for your future endeavors!

    Our course is online and you will get access to it. We did this, rather than an eBook format, because things in SEO change quickly, and regularly, for us to keep an eBook updated, and distributed to you is just plain impractical. This way, each time you visit the site you get the most current information possible.
  • Sample Lesson
    Have a look at one of our lessons. This should give you an idea of what our course is like. It's straight forward and simplified. Anyone can understand and learn SEO!
  • Non-Technical in Nature
    We have specifically made this course for business owners, as well as designers and webmasters. Matter of fact, the simplicity of our course requires no technical skills beyond the ability to either write or edit HTML documents. We created this course this way on purpose. We want you to learn the finer ins and outs of SEO, and be able to implement them. There is no tricky code or methodology to this. Matter of fact, it's a lot of basic common sense rolled up into a step by step process to optimize your website.
  • Head Updates (title, meta, etc)
  • On-Site Coding
  • On-Site Content
  • Off-Site Content
  • Site Popularity
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Anchor Text Analysis & Update
  • Blog Set-Up
  • Google Local
  • Directory Submissions
  • Competition Analysis
  • W3C Compliance Check
  • ... and Lots More!