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About Ethical SEO Service

If you are anything at all like the rest of us who have online businesses, your get very unhappy when you do a search for what your business is about and you don't show up in the listings.

Have you spent a lot of time trying to get your site listed in the top 10 but just can't seem to get it off of page 50?

Are you embarassed to say that you've spent a lot of money with some shady Search Engine Optimization Company who took your money and ran?

You are not alone. All of the above happen to honest business people everyday of the week. SEO has come into being quickly, and consequently everyone who ever had a top listing decided they could charge someone else money to get them top listings. Only problem is the engines change all the time and, as you may well have experienced, you can't get SEO from them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the design, wording and coding of an HTML document(s) to get a first page rank on a major search engine. Generally applied to an entire website where all the pages get optimized so they appear high in the ranks for keyword and key phrase searches.

But, it is more than that, much more. It is the entire compilation of information, and links to create and entire website. It's not a tweaking of the code. It's not adding keywords. It's not using meta-tags. It all of that plus a lot more. It is the creation of a valuable source of information.

So, that is what SEO is ... but did I hear you ask, 'how do I optimize my site'? I did hear that didn't I ... and my friends say I'm half deaf.

It is certainly not an easy task. It certainly isn't something you do once and then forget about it. SEO is an ongoing task that never ends. Sad, but true, search engines are constantly changing something called an 'algorithm' that is responsible for the way it ranks websites.