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Ethical SEO Training Course

From: Robert 'BK' Kelsey .::. Monday October 23, 2017


If you are like every other webmaster I have ever met you are repeatedly asking how to increase your traffic. You want to know what optimization techniques work, and what does not work. You want to learn about SEO and SEM and you want to do whatever it takes to get your site listed on the first page of the major engines ... preferably in the #1 position.

I have spoken to many a business owner and have heard this question time and again ... "what will it take to get my site listed on the first page?" It's a good question and it is more or less a simple answer, although there is a lot of things that need to happen, getting it all done is just a matter of knowing what to do.

I have been optimizing websites since 1997, long before the term SEO was even thought up. Back then it was really simple to get a site listed as #1. You simply added one more keyword than the current #1 site had and bingo ... you were #1. Google wasn't even on the scene yet back then. Well, things have certainly changed since then and the procedure to get that first place listing has become a bit more tedious, but nonetheless, it is still doable, and if you know what changes to make to your site, being #1 is still an attainable goal for most business owners and most online markets.

What does it all really boil down to? Keywords? Links? Content? Yes, yes and yes! And more too. I often think of SEO as a New York City skyscraper. It is one large undertaking made of lots of smaller pieces. Once they are all in place you have yourself a very nice building. If you have all the pieces but put them together wrong, you won't have such a nice building. SEO is just like this ... you have all the pieces and you just need to put it all together in the right way and then you will have yourself a very nice, optimized, search engine friendly piece of online web real estate! You can learn all of this with the Ethical SEO Training Course, more about how simple and affordable it is to begin optimizing your own website below.

A complete optimization campaign will focus on two basic activities. First, the on-site changes. This will incorporate code changes and updates, the addition or update to code attributes, meta information, and verification of the code being properly written. Content will be created and or edited and updated and things like keyword density, anchor text, navigation and link structure will be examined and updated. In our Ethical SEO Training Course you will learn all about these things and exactly how to make these changes. It is a lot easier thann you think. Secondly a good campaign would turn to inbound links from other sites and focus on generating as many of these as possible while controlling the text used in the link, which is known as the anchor text.

These two basic activities are what control your search engine listings. The algorithms have certain criteria that they are built around. Once you approach these criteria in a friendly way your site will excel in the listings and rise towards the top. Over time you can tweak and make adjustments to get the site higher and higher, all while you keep building the inbound links in just the right way.

All this is what SEO is all about and it is how all the high paid guru's get sites to rise in the listings. It's actually easier to do it yourself than it is for the guru's. You know your business a lot better than the gurus do.

This is a real time offer for the Ethical SEO Training Course delivered to you by instant download in a PDF format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it. It is laid out in a simple fashion and provides examples of the work you need to do so that you can follow along in a step by step manner to get your site optimized. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save big time bucks! My optimization campaigns start at $500 monthly ... yes that is MONTHLY! Here you can get all the information and learn how to do it yourself for a mere $50 USD.