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Times are very difficult with our economy today, and that is why I have decided to give this course away free, in the hopes that online business people can learn how to optimize their sites themselves and get ahead, instead of fall behind, in this dismal economic era we live in right now.

SEO is not what it used to be. Years ago how algorithms worked was not known and if you wanted to get listed well you either got very lucky, or you practiced trial and error until you saw your site rise in the listings ... and then took notes. The people who did do all this experimenting are often the ones who are in business now providing an SEO service, like myself. SEO is not cheap and if someone is offering you a cheap SEO package it probably isn't very good and you won't gain a lot from it. It takes time to do SEO properly so if you are paying a small amount of money whoever is doing the work for you is getting paid next to nothing, or worse ... they are doing next to nothing for you.

Perhaps you found someone from Asia to do the work ... well, if they do not have a good grasp of our language then what you wind up with is inferior optimization, and I'm speaking mainly about the off-site work, which comprises most of what optimization is all about today. I have seen first hand where the lack of command of the English language made unreadable content that also sent the wrong message. My advice is to always use someone who is competent in the English language.

But today all of these SEO secrets and tactics have become common knowledge. You can surf around online and learn everything you need to know on how to optimize your website(s). No longer do you need to experiment time and again to get your site rising in the listings. You can figure it all out just by visiting blogs and forums and getting on mail lists (if you have the time). Yes, the SEO gurus are still out there working away and doing a good job of it all, but if you have the time, or personnel, to train in SEO ... well, you can save a bundle of money and do the work yourself.

That is where this offer comes into play. Here I am offering the same course I was previously selling to the public. This is all good knowledge, it's white hat and ethical as the day is long. This course does not steer you in the wrong direction, get you to fork out money for other products or services, and does not teach the wrong way to optimize. My only desire in providing this free course to you is that you learn how to optimize, get your site optimized and wind up making some money from it.

God Bless America! - and the entrepreunerial spirit that made us what, and who, we are!

Enroll in this course and you'll receive daily SEO lessons in an HTML formatted email. I take you through SEO on a step by step basis and teach you everything that you need to know in order to optimize your own website(s) and make your life better by making more money through your online marketing.

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