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Cut Bait or Fish?

... or ... do I want to be an SEO Guru ... or do I want to get on with my business and sell my product?

Now you really need to think this over. Do you want to spend most of your time checking the rank of your site, tweaking the code and copy, submitting, changing, tweaking, checking, monitoring, tweaking, submitting ... get it? Or do you want to let someone else do it while you carry on with your business?

Well, you are going to fall into one of two basic categories. The ongoing business who will hire the professional services of a capable SEO company. Or, the small business, or single person business, that does not have the resources to hire out and really need to do the work yourself.

The former is probably the businessman who has hired a competent designer to create his site, has a beautiful site, and is engaged in ecommerce already. You probably have your own merchant account, shopping cart and are biting at the bit to start seeing a return on that investment of yours.

If you are in the latter position, plan to spend a considerable amount of time doing SEO. Much more of it than you will spend working on the site itself, or the running of the business itself. If you are selling a product and need to package and ship, and that process takes up some time, you are going to have trouble, because SEO is very time consuming.

If your business requires your time and you are willing to outsource your SEO, then I hope you will contact us, as we would love to work with you to get your site into the Top 10.