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Optimization Plans & Pricing

Plan 1 - Starter Plan $103.20

$103.20 one time payment - We optimize one page of your site. This is a good introduction to SEO and our service. This provides you with a start into your market.

Ethical SEO Service Announces!
          SEO A La Carte!
                              Exactly what YOU Need to Have!

All of our plans, (except the one month starter plan) offer the basic optimization techniques that your site needs to become search engine friendly. Where needed we will update:

  • Title tags
  • Meta Description Tags
  • Code Attributes
  • H or Heading Tags
  • Keyword emphasis, bolding, italicizing etc.
  • Keyword Density
  • Navigation Clean-Ups
  • Inbound Link Generation
  • Internal Site Navigation
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Sitemap.html
  • Article Publication
  • Competition Analysis
  • and more ...

All of these plans offer all the above services, the difference is simply the amount of time we spend performing the above tasks.

Plan 3 - $500 Monthly Subscription

Freely Cancellable at ANY Time
PayPal will bill you $500 each month until you cancel.

Plan 4 - $750 Monthly Subscription

Freely Cancellable at ANY Time
PayPal will bill you $750 each month until you cancel.

Plan 5 - $1,000 Monthly Subscription

Freely Cancellable at ANY Time
PayPal will bill you $1,000 each month until you cancel.

We can of course, make a customized program just for you, at a greater cost than we have used in the examples above. Just ask!

Hesitant? I know ... I've heard it over and over again. "What can you guarantee me?" Well the truth is I can't guarantee you that I will get you listings. I'd be lying to you if I did! What I can guarantee is that I will work as hard as I can to get you good listings. And I'll put in extra time to get them if I have to. That I will guarantee!

I think what makes me different is simply that there is no ongoing contract to sign that socks you in to paying regardless of whatever results you may, or may not, see. All I ask is that you work with me, month to month. You are free to cancel this service at any time ... no questions asked! ... Well, actually, I'll probably ask you why if you do, but the point is, you are never gambling with anything more than a one month payment. What do you have to lose?

All these plans offer complete SEO services to your site. We'll work at making your site as search engine friendly as it can be. We won't pull any punches and we'll slug it out for the best bang for your buck!

What is the difference in price then? The amount of time we spend per month on your site. As I mentioned above. Most SEO firms today quote you $99 hourly. This is a fair figure when you have a staff on hand, large centrally located office space, benefits ... dead beats.

We charge a basic $50 hourly, and we know what we are doing. We have good tools to get the job done. It always surprises people when they see a search and replace sweep through a site replacing literally thousands of code changes in a matter of seconds, not hours or days. It always surprises me that these so called SEO types are surprised at that!

Most sites will fall into the Plan 3 and the Plan 4 area. Plan two and our Starter Plan are good ways to get your feet wet and test the waters, so to speak. Plan 5 and above are really for special circumstance sites needing lots of content, linking and other special needs.

We concentrate on all the real meat and potatoes of optimization to get the ball rolling. Once we get going and have the basics ironed out we turn our focus to inbound linking, Press Releases and content building among many other things.

The higher the plan, the more time we can spend acquiring quality inbound links and creating super content pages.

It's really up to you to choose how much you want to invest into your SEO campaign, and what you want to get from the campaign. You'll get out of it what you put into it.

Plan 6 - $1,000 + Monthly

Call, and we'll discuss your needs. This is for those of you who have strong sites and need the extra push of a full blown campaign complete with content, inbound, blogging and everything that can be done to help you site along.

Our Contract Stipulations

All our Campaigns hold the same Contract Stipulations. Our contract is easy. Let's face it, we are not a huge corporation, nor are the majority of our clients. We are small business people trying to run a profitable business. Let's be friends and not enemies.

With these feelings in mind I have setup a contract that only binds us together as work to be done. You can cancel your contract at any time.

You'll find other SEO firms that will lock you into a contract where you will pay forever. Read their fine print and you'll see that the contract automatically renews. This locks you in for months after you try to get out of the contract.

Ours is simple. When you sign our contract you have the option of cancelling at any time. Just let us know before your next billing date and we will stop billing you. Or even better ... if you have joined us with the "Subscribe" button, PayPal will bill you each month, like clockwork, but, if you go to PayPal and cancel, they will stop billing you right then and there ... and you don't need to contact us! We'll stop working on your campaign on the last day of the given contract, paid-up month.

We truly hope that the benefits to your site will prove to you that it is worth staying on with us, at least till the initial optimization has kicked in and percolated throughout the internet. This is generally around six months.

Our process is simple. Sign on with us and pay the first month payment. We will work for the next month on your site. Pay another month and we'll work another month. Generally speaking you'll see results in about three months, sometimes a little sooner. The full result of a campaign generally is seen six months after the initial work gets done. It's up to you to stay on with us, or cancel. We do suggest giving it a full six months to get optimized. We hope you'll be satisfied with our services and continue to work with us, but we won't presume this to be the case, nor will be bind you up with a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo.

It's the way of the engines that they take their sweet time in indexing and ranking your site. Our work will speed up the frequency with which the spiders will visit your site, but the indexing, overall, happens about once a month. Google, in particular, updates their index on a more or less monthly index across the internet through all of their data centers.

You can view our Ethical SEO Service Contract and see for yourself. There are no hidden loopholes and no fine print to get you in trouble. Sign on with us and we'll begin working on your site. If you decide to quit, just let us know. We'll work through the end of the fiscal campaign month but not bill you again.

We fully realize the situation and apprehension that you feel when delving into the SEO market. There have been many unscrupulous SEO types who have really left our field with a black eye. We want to assure you that won't happen with us. We'll work with you and never work against you.

And that's my promise!