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Visibility Graphs

These visibility graphs, which I'll call them for lack of an official title, come from WebPosition reports. Now, Google plainly states that they do not want you to use automated software to query their index. They mention WebPosition in particular. So I do not suggest that you use WebPosition as it is definitely against the Google Terms of Service. These are real reports run recently.

Visibility Graph
The above graph shows the progress over the first two and a half months. The work performed on this site has been particularly effective at an early stage.

Visibility Graph
It took some time to get this site listed and growing. Once I got it optimized things really began to take off. Would you like to see your site perform like this?

Visibility Graph
Here is a great example of solid steady progress.

Visibility Graph And yet another!

These are but a few of the many successful campaigns I have under my belt. Use the contact form to query me for more information. You have very little to lose and so, so much to gain.